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SE425TSD  AHD/SDI Speed PTZ Thermo Camera



  • Night 500-5Km thermo detecting range and auto heater equipped,truly IP66

  • Dual Sync image,(Thermal model) 360 degrees continuous spin in Pan and 180 degrees tilt

  • 360 degrees continuous spin in Pan and 100 dgs tilt

  • High Definition Camera, 4K or 1080P resolution,

  • AHD/SDI signal, position angle display,alarm, OSD featured Day/night, WDR

  • Auto wiper equipped, heater de-frozener featured SensUp DSS

  • Fast preset calling 120°/S in Pan, 100°/S in Tilt

  • Thermo Imager

  • Thermo Model   3250 64180 64100 3219 32100 6450
    Sensor Type   Uncooled LWIR Thermal ImagerVOx Micro bolometer
    Sensor Format 320x240 640x180 640x480 320x240 320x240 640x512
    Spectra Band   7.5 ~ 13.5μm
    Field of View (Lens) 14°×11°,50mm 4°×2°,180mm 7°×5°,100mm 36°×27°,19mm


    IFoV2 (milliradians) Lens 0.76mrad(50mm) 0.3mrad(180mm) 0.4 mrad(100mm), 2 mrad(19mm), 0.4 mrad(100mm), 0.76mrad(50mm)
    Range Performance Obj2.3x2,3m 2.2Km 10Km 6Km 880m 5Km 2.2
    man1.8x0.5m 780m 6m 3Km 310m 2Km 780m
    NEDT performance < 85 mK  f/1.6; <50mK  f/1.0 <50mK f/1.0 < 85 mK  f/1.6; < 85 mK f/1.6; <50mK f/1.0
    Analog Video 50 Hz (PAL)
    Focus   Factory-set infinity focus; lens thread mount allows focus adjustment
    Electronic Zoom 4x
    Image Processing Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE). Multi-color mode featured


Image Sensor 1/1.8 TI's CMOS 1/1.9 TI's CMOS
Total Pixels 8,000,000 2,380,000
Synchronization Internal Internal
Resolution 3840x2160 1920x1080
White Balance 5 steps  Auto/ Push auto/ Outdoor/ Indoor/ Special 5 steps  Auto/ Push auto/ Outdoor/ Indoor/ Special
Scanning frequency Horizon: 30k HZ , Vertic: 50 HZ Horizon: 30k HZ , Vertic: 50 HZ
Horizontal resolution 4K 1920
S/N Ratio >50dB 3D >50dB
Electric Shutter  1/60- 10000 1/60- 10000
Min. Illumination 0.001 0.001
FOV 54.1° (wide) to 1.6° (tele) H: 61.2°(Wide) ~ 2.32°(Tele)
Focal Length  f=6 mm (wide) ~ 180mm  f=6mm (wide) ~ 180mm
Max. Zoom 30x Optical Zoom, tele, F1.6 to 2.8 30x Optical Zoom, tele, F1.5 to 4.3
Special Function BNC connecor, AHD/SDI signal
Gain Auto/Manu
Pan preset speed 200°/S
Tilt preset speed 150°/S
Pan speed 120°/S
Tilt speed 100°/S
Pan range 360° continously endless
Tilt range 90° tilt flip
Preset &. Track 128 presets, 6 tracks, 40 seconds pattern memory
Communication RS485, Multi-protocol supported
Privacy Masking optional
Working Environment negative 35 to 50 ; humidity 95% without agglomeration
Weight &. Power 12Kg;  against 100km/h wind,    24VAC, 20VA or Vehicle 12VDC, 3.5VA
Communication RS485, Multi-protocol supported
Video /Audio
Video Compression        H.265/H.264/MJPEG
Frame Rate

main stream(3840x2160@25fps)sub-stream(704*576@25fps)3rd stream1920*1080@12fps
main stream(1920*1080@25fps)sub-stream(704*576@25fps)3rd stream1920*1080@25fps

Resolution 1920x1080, D1, 3840x2160(only for 4K camera)
Video Stream H.265, H.264, Bit-rate Range(16Kbps-32Mbps)
Image Settings       

Brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, Exposal control, AES(1/2 to 1/4,000 sec.), AGC, AWB, BLC, Privacy mask, Motion Detection;


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